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Leg Raises Exercise

Leg raises are an incredible approach to focus on the stomach, reinforcing lower abs and hip reflexors, in addition to it doesn’t require any rec center pack. Add these moves to one of your home workouts for a straightforward, compelling approach to condition your tummy. Attempt 10 reps to begin with, and advance to all the more once you’ve consummated your shape.

Experiment with these distinctive varieties of leg raises to test yourself, ensure you’re likewise hitting your fat-blazing workouts hard, as you have to light that fat to uncover your new conditioned tum!

# Lying down leg raises

  • Lie on your back with your hands on the floor or under your base.
  • Keeping a slight curve in the knees and feet together, begin with both feet up towards the roof.
  • Without permitting your lower back to overarch, gradually bring down your legs towards the floor without bowing the knees any more than they as of now are.
  • When legs are nearly on the floor, crush the abs and lift them go down to the begin and rehash.

Tip : if these aren’t testing enough for you, why not include some lower leg weights?

# Leg raises with a ball 

Add a bit of weight to make your leg raises more challenging

  • Start similar to the lying down leg raises
  • With your feet on the floor, place an exercise or medicine ball between your feet, griping it firmly
  • Begin to raise your legs up, then slowly lowering your legs down, the weight will cause you to use more control
  • The weight will cause this exercise to me more challenging than the regular leg raises but effective works the abdominals.

Hanging leg raises 

You can perform this exercise at the gym, in the park or at home if you have a door pull up bar

  • Hanging from a bar with your arms- grip firmly wide or medium
  • Begin to raise your knees/legs so that your body makes a 90 degrees angle
  • Lower your legs down and repeat the exercise

This exercise can be difficult, some gyms provide a padded bench that can support your back and padded arm rests for your elbows.

Side leg raises 

This exercise can be performed lying or standing

For standing

  • Standing on one leg, raise the opposite leg to the side as far as you can
  • Bring it back to the standing position and repeat this exercise for both legs

For lying

  • Lie down on one side- with legs extended and stacked on top of one another
  • Raise the top leg up as high as you can, lowering it back down to the first poistion.
  • Repeat